Aquaman and its influence in bathroom decoration


Aquaman was one of last year’s hottest big-screen releases and one of the most talked about films in 2019. A superhero movie based on stories from DC Comics, an heir to an underwater kingdom who must fight against his step-brother.

We know what you’re thinking: “What does a marine superhero have to do with shower trays and bathroom decoration?” In addition to water, as one of the shared elements, Aquaman is also a trend-setter in the film industry and, less obviously, in the bathroom decoration sector too, in particular the actress Amber Heard who plays Princess Mera and her fantastic marine costume.

Check out at all the details of her costume, hair colour, textures…

Aquaman the moovie Princess Mera

Aquaman movie poster

For our new collection of Print series industrial shower trays, especially the Rusty model that imitates rust in reddish tones, we took inspiration from Princess Mera and from several looks from the 80s, to create a bathroom environment where our Rusty shower tray fits in perfectly. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only style for this particular tray: it’s just one of many bathroom styles that go well with our Bosnor Print models. Check out these ideas:

Contemporary bathroom styles, colours and trends with a very 80s influence:

space space space

Check out our Pinterest board for many more images and styles


The 80s make a comeback in bathroom decoration, too

This decade returns to inspire contemporary design, but in a much more subtle way, making itself seen in the details and finishes.

Refined luxury, customised to our personal space with the most glamorous gold detail and with the unapologetic use of hexagons, glitters and patterns. All this reminds us that taking risks in décor can be a very wise decision: it allows us to set trends without losing sight of good taste.

Bottle-green colours, hexagonal tiles and gloss, gold and rust details, as if water had lived here for centuries.

A bathroom that could very well be from another world, another environment, like Atlanta, the underwater world from the Aquaman movie.

Doesn’t it remind you a little of Princess Mera’s fantastic outfit?

Check out this mood board we created with references and ideas to think about:


Princess Mera and bathroom decoration

The result of this bathroom, of ideas and compositions for our Rusty model and the  other over 30 models of exclusively designed shower trays can be found very soon in our new Print series catalogue that Bosnor is preparing with great detail for its distributors and interior designers.

If you wish to be part of our network of distributors, get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information:


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