Solid and compact

Homogeneous and resistant material
Durable color and shine

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Bosnor is Quality and Innovation

Bosnor is part of the XBFR group and, with the help of its sister company World Elastomers Trade, it has developed a synthetic composite that belongs to the family of materials known as Solid Surface. This material makes it possible to manufacture shower trays and other bathroom fixtures such as sinks, tubs and panels. And it enables the production of technically advanced shower trays with a wide range of design possibilities and colours for a long-lasting product.

Quality Certificates

As certified by Aidima, our shower trays comply with all required safety, durability and mechanical resistance quality standards.

Resistant and Innovative Products

Solid and compact

Our shower trays are vacuum manufactured so the material is dense and long-lasting. The protection offered by the acrylic surface coating provides long-lasting colour and shine.

Warm and resistant

Our manufacturing technology gives our shower trays a soft and relaxing surface touch. Mechanical treatments applied to the surface, which have been developed by our company, enhance the feeling of relaxation and wellness.

Safety, protection and cleanliness

Our shower trays are completely aseptic due to the high density and their anti-slip surfaces make them as safe as possible. Plus, they can be cleaned effortlessly and are resistant to chemicals habitually used in bathrooms.

Unlimited finishes

Our Print range offers unlimited surface finish designs which can be adapted to any space and atmosphere.

Download our catalogs

All the information on our products can be found in our downloadable PDF catalogues.

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Bosnor catalogue
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