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Bosnor, specialist manufacturer of Solid Surface shower trays

Founded in 1998 as an auxiliary company for industrial processes of World Elastomers Trade, S.L., Bosnor was founded for the purpose of bringing innovative high-tech materials to the bathroom sector.

2009: Patent for the manufacture of conductive tiles for offices: ConduStone (conductive mixture of resin and quartz)
2013: Manufacture of Solid Surface kitchen worktops
2014: Manufacture of Solid Surface shower trays COLORS Series
2018: Launching of Solid Surface shower trays PRINT Series
100% Bosnor in-house production at our Barcelona premises
Unlike other materials, our Solid Surface is mass-dyed; it has no coating on the outside or fibers inside and is not porous; our shower trays are vacuum manufactured to obtain a dense and durable material, which have a completely aseptic surface, with the best mechanical resistance and maximum safety due to its anti-slip surface. It is a non-toxic material, resistant to bacteria, easy to clean and it is textured to ensure a soft, relaxing and safe finish. It can be cut and also repaired.

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