Alberta, a Nordic atmosphere in the bathroom

When we talk about Nordic atmospheres in decoration, white and gray images come to mind, as well as a not-too-cozy feeling of cold. But it doesn’t have to be that way: warmth and a Nordic atmosphere are not necessarily incompatible.

2020 bathrooms trends

Natural colors and wood details for bathrooms. In this post we will offer you some tips to redecorate your bathroom. You’ll find photographs of contemporary bathrooms and many great ideas to inspire you.

Concrete and the contrast trend in bathrooms

Trends to follow when renovating your bathroom. Today we want to show you some very interesting tricks to transform this space into a temple that transmits peace and tranquility. The key is in the textures and the contrast of colors.

Sophistication and elegance have a name- MARBLE

To talk about the main feature of this post, the Ivory Model from our Nature collection, we need to go back to another era, that of the Greeks, the Hebrews and the Egyptians, who used ivory as an ornament to decorate rooms, furniture and temples.

Sequoia, the most evergreen shower tray on the market

A sequoia is an evergreen tree. It originates from North America and demands a lot of water and atmospheric humidity, which is why we wanted to include our SEQUOIA model, from the Wood collection, in a bathroom environment where it can enjoy the most comfortable stay of its long life.

Atacama, the desert shower tray.

Atacama is the name we have given to our shower tray from the Nature collection, with its distinctive orange-toned patterns which could easily be the marks left behind by the flow of water.

Reef, the favorite shower tray on desert islands

Just like part of a ship submerged in the ocean, our Reef model could have been rescued by a shipwrecked man and transported to this beautiful place, on the small island of Monuriki in Fiji, to welcome this luxuriously detailed, unique shower tray.