2020 bathrooms trends

Natural colors and wood details for bathrooms

In this post we will offer you some tips to redecorate your bathroom. You’ll find photographs of contemporary bathrooms and many great ideas to inspire you.

In combination with the color chart below, we’re happy to propose our Marble shower tray, both in Step and Surface versions.



Details of profiles and corners

Color chart

Here are some examples for your inspiration:


Images from Pinterest (Bathroom trends 2020)

Wood in its very natural color, Nordic-style bathrooms, natural elements, natural stones or marbles in white or very light tones.

Wood, in combination with white and especially with the tones of our Marble model, a Solid Surface shower tray with a very elegant design, can be a fantastic choice for these bathroom environments. Here’s our favorite option, a design that accommodates our Marble shower tray from the Nature Collection of the highly popular Print series.



The Nature Collection is pure NATURE and our Marble model also feels very comfortable being a part of it. The green of the forest that we see through the window, the natural wood front and even the wall tiles that remind us of water traces. All this in white, beige and light green tones that highlight the natural beauty of our Marble model.

Source: Deco revista