Sapphire - Cover your bathroom in stardust

Set foot inside this bathroom with its art deco styling, and you will feel like you are walking into a party at the Great Gatsby's mansion in the Roaring Twenties: all glamour, sparkle and light, although no one can take away that touch of nostalgia for days gone by....

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Oak – The Summeriest Shower Tray
Wood →

Our summeriest atmosphere: a cosy shade, a hundred-year-old oak shower tray, an evocative hammock and turquoise reflections from the Adriatic Sea in the background... You choose: a shower before a nap to get all the salt off your skin or afterwards ;-) Are you ready for the summer?

Algae – Get In and Enjoy A Sea-Like Shower
Industrial →

The exuberant vegetation evokes flora, moisture and a marine background. It all seems to create a sea bottom like decoration where the Little Mermaid will appear at any time. But instead of this fictional character, what arises from this underwater world just below the Colocasia is our Algae shower tray with grey, green and blue tones that seem to be the result of years of fighting with nature.

Lino – Reflections of the Mediterranean, Sun and Beach
Industrial →

Winter’s almost over and your body wants light and sun.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be planning your summer holiday already? Just think about that white island sand and those refreshing showers after some time at the beach. Day after day, enjoying the monotony of endless summer nights in a sophisticated and festive atmosphere as those Mediterranean reflections flood your bathroom with summer.

Amber – A sacred jewel concealed in your bathroom
Nature →

The colour nude is “in”, even in bathrooms. Also called powder pink or light pink, nude is actually mink or the Caucasian skin tone. We know it’s a difficult colour to define, but it all becomes crystal clear when you look at our Amber. Our shower tray is the nude gem for your bathroom.

Granite – marbled greys evoking a lunar landscape
Stone →

Granite and marble are ever present as materials in interior design, and also in our collections. While the natural world offers different tones of granite, from white to black via pinks, greens… with our shower trays you can almost choose "your granite" à la carte.