Rusty, the bathroom hero inspired by Aquaman

The inspiration behind an awesome bathroom

In previous posts, we told you about the fantastic relationship that our Rusty model has with the Aquaman movie and with Princess Mera. We also created a Pinterest board that’s caused a sensation thanks to this original collaboration that also offers wonderful decoration ideas for your bathroom. See the Pinterest board.

So, fancy seeing the result? Keep reading to discover the movie bathroom environment created especially for you.

Check out our hero, the Rusty model, in its two versions: Step and Surface.


Step version


Surface version


Princess Mera’s costume was our main source of inspiration, but also the color of her hair, which adds personality to the character and to our Rusty shower tray. A very special shower tray, with textures inspired by rust, in red tones, and that could well have come from an underwater living space, such as Aquaman’s abode.

Color references and ideas (Rusty inspired by Aquaman):

space space space space

Images and ideas taken from Pinterest (see board)

Color chart Rusty inspired by Aquaman

Color chart Rusty inspired by Aquaman

Bosnor Details

detail surface, Rusty inspired by Aquaman detail step, Rusty inspired by Aquaman

Bathroom composition for our Rusty inspired by Aquaman

space  Rusty inspired by Aquaman

The resurgence of Atlantis

What does this composition suggest? Doesn’t it remind you a little of Princess Mera‘s costume? Imagine being submerged at the bottom of the sea, with green and suggestive algae around you, suddenly she appears, our Princess Mera with her shiny, green suit, do you see her? You need to look in a special way, just close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by your imagination, by the colors and the fantastic Eighties, we’re sure you’ll be able to see this bathroom environment with our hero front and center; the Rusty model in all its glory.