Stone Shower Tray – Gray and Black Color Palette


There are few natural stones as special as slate: maybe it’s that touch of volcanic ash in its composition, or the magical nuances of its color palette, somewhere between anthracite gray and graphite black. In any case, it’s a powerful, magnetic and deeply captivating stone, capable of adapting masterfully to both rustic styles and more contemporary ones. Thanks to slate’s strong, elegant beauty, bathrooms seem to take on a life of their own.


We see how our Stone stands out among the light gray colors that surround it. With chrome and modern faucet details that combine beautifully with the color of the drain grate. A modern environment where the shower tray’s gray tones and slate texture are the stars of the show.

space Stone Shower Tray

The entire Stone collection

This shower tray gives its name to the Stone collection; where the main feature is stone in different tonalities, textures and hardness, in particular gray, slate and earth.

All our models are available in two designs:



stone step


stone surface

Solid and compact

Bosnor shower trays are manufactured using our Solid Syntech material as a base, a Solid Surface material made of a high-performance polyester resin and a high-finesse and high-purity non-mineral synthetic filler called ATH (aluminum trihydroxide).

Unlike other materials, our Solid Surface is mass-dyed; it has no coating on the outside or fibers inside and is not porous; our shower trays are vacuum manufactured to obtain a dense and long-lasting material. Plus, they are treated on the Surface with an acrylic coating specially developed to enhance the scratch resistance and offer high durability. Take a closer look at the details:

detail stone

Stone shower tray with a range of grays and blacks: magnetism in your bathroom.

Color Palette

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