Resin shower trays, the best option

When we opt for a shower tray instead of a built-in shower, because of its comparatively lower installation cost and other advantages, we’ll still need to choose from a number of different materials: ceramic, marble, acrylic, cast iron, resin...

Resin shower trays are an optimal choice due to their lower thickness and weight, their ease of installation and their greater resistance. Avoid possible drawbacks, such as durability or a uniform aesthetic with the tiles, by choosing from the best option among our range of resin shower trays: the Solid Surface.

Types of resin shower trays

The vast majority of resin shower trays on the market today are made of polyester resin + mineral filler (calcium carbonate) with a polyester coating applied to the mold before casting, called Gelcoat.

In the highest quality range we find the Solid Surface shower trays, also made of polyester resin but with a synthetic (non-mineral) filler called ATH (Aluminum Trihydroxide), with a surface acrylic lacquer that offers greater resistance to UVs, chemical agents and shocks; greater durability; and conservation of its properties.

The amount of resin matters

The key to a good resin shower tray is found in the percentage of resin contained (not less than 25%) as well as the purity of its filling material; as synthetic fillers are finer and more homogeneous, a dense, non-porous material is achieved that will result in a much more resistant shower tray.

However, a vast part of the shower trays on the market are composed of only 20% resin:

  • A thicker mineral filler is used, therefore less resin is required and manufacturing costs are reduced

  • A more impure mineral filler is used, such as dolomite (a mixture of calcium carbonate with magnesium carbonate), which due to its structure and size requires less resin. For this reason, some manufacturers substitute calcium carbonate for this material, of even lower quality.

  • The mentioned mineral fillers have an acquisition cost 10 times lower than the cost of the synthetic filler of the Solid Surface, a clear indication of the difference in their quality and final properties.

Bosnor, the very best resin shower trays

With Bosnor, all advantages

  • Bosnor shower trays are made of Solid Syntech®

  • 30% resin (10% more than usual in the market) + 65% ATH

  • The quality and quantity of both components guarantee the durability of the product

  • Bosnor Solid Surface resin shower trays are made under vacuum obtaining a dense and durable material

  • Cleaning and maintenance of Bosnor resin shower trays is easier

  • Unlimited Colors and textures

As certified by Aidimme, our shower trays comply with all required safety, durability and mechanical resistance quality standards

Quality, design and durability

Bosnor shower trays are made with Solid Syntech®, our own Solid Surface material, which contains 30% resin + 65% ATH, a dazzlingly white, controlled synthetic particle size filler.

The quality and quantity of both components guarantee the durability of the product and the repeatability of the processes. This repeatability, derived from the synthetic nature of the raw materials, is essential to ensure and maintain the product’s high quality.

Bosnor’s Solid Surface resin shower trays are made under vacuum, obtaining a dense and durable material. The granulating and edging processes allow us to improve their anti-slip properties and to strongly fix the final coating on acrylic resin: through this system, we can achieve a shower tray that is both superficially hard and warm to the touch, printed on all sides and edges, which does not scratch and whose designs stand the test of time without darkening or yellowing.

In addition, maintaining Bosnor resin shower trays is easier because the sandblasting of the plate and the acrylic finish offer a smoother, easily treatable surface, with the presence of very small lime residues.

In terms of aesthetics, Bosnor offers unlimited design and color possibilities through its two ranges of Solid Surface resin shower trays: SPECTRO, monochrome plates pigmented throughout the mass, and PRINT, shower trays printed using an innovative technological process allowing them to be personalized, and allowing for any design to be created.

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