Rustik: switch off from the urban bustle in this modern bathroom

This flat in a fashionable Barcelona neighbourhood looks just like you opened your Instagram looking for boho-hipster trends. An apartment shared by young people who follow the latest fashions and like their decor with a really expressive touch of modernity....

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Oak – The Summeriest Shower Tray
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Our summeriest atmosphere: a cosy shade, a hundred-year-old oak shower tray, an evocative hammock and turquoise reflections from the Adriatic Sea in the background... You choose: a shower before a nap to get all the salt off your skin or afterwards ;-) Are you ready for the summer?

Ebony: hear the call of the savannah
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Hakuna Matata, or 'no worries'. One of the many lessons we learned from the film The Lion King, and which we are ready to repeat every morning when we hear the call of the Savannah.

Alberta ambiente

Alberta, a Nordic atmosphere in the bathroom
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When we talk about Nordic atmospheres in decoration, white and gray images come to mind, as well as a not-too-cozy feeling of cold. But it doesn’t have to be that way: warmth and a Nordic atmosphere are not necessarily incompatible.

sequoia de bosnor

Sequoia, the most evergreen shower tray on the market
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A sequoia is an evergreen tree. It originates from North America and demands a lot of water and atmospheric humidity, which is why we wanted to include our SEQUOIA model, from the Wood collection, in a bathroom environment where it can enjoy the most comfortable stay of its long life.