Sequoia, the most evergreen shower tray on the market

A sequoia is an evergreen (durable) tree that can reach heights of over 100 m and a diameter of up to 4.5 m in its home territory. It originates from North America and demands a lot of water and atmospheric humidity, which is why we wanted to include our SEQUOIA model, from the Wood collection, in a bathroom environment where it can enjoy the most comfortable stay of its long life.

Check out both versions of this model:



An elegant model in very natural beige tones with wood veins that remind us a bit of oak. A very special model that can be combined with many textures and colors in your remodeled bathroom. Here are some bathroom ideas and trends taken from Pinterest.

For the design of this environment, where our Sequoia model is the key feature, we have used this color chart with tones that contrast and combine brilliantly with our shower tray.

Color chart of the shower tray Sequoia

color chart, Sequoia, the shower tray

Bosnor’s Solid Surface

Before showing you our creation, we want to emphasize Bosnor’s details and finishes again. Here we can see, in particular in the profiles and edges, the same Sequoia design texture that completely covers the shower tray.

The shower trays of the Print series are created with a Bosnor-patented material called SolidSynthec®, composed of a high-performance polyester resin and a non-mineral synthetic filler of great finesse and purity called ATH (aluminum trihydroxide). The result is a completely homogeneous material, far technically superior to anything else on the market.

detail step, Sequoia, the shower tray detail surface, Sequoia, the shower tray


space, Sequoia, the shower tray

For this environment we wanted our main feature to accompany its cousin, the decorative tree on its left to honor its name; as Sequoia is one of the largest trees in the world. Accompanied by completely natural elements, we see our Sequoia model in this brightly lit bathroom, with environmental details, in the products, in the material of the towels and a stone wall that ensures the whole space is extremely warm and cozy.