What is Solid Surface?

It is a innovative high-end material composed of resins and a non-mineral synthetic filler for luxury and personalized shower trays.

This material gives our shower trays a greater durability, resistance, easy repairing and the possibility of playing with their finishes, colors, shapes and textures such as those proposed by the Print and the Spectro Series by Bosnor.

Main Solid Surface's features

  • It has no coating on the outside or fibers inside
  • It is clean, strong and durable
  • Hygienic and stain resistant surface
  • Aseptic material, resistant to bacteria, easy to clean and repairable.
  • Mass-dyed, highly customizable

Advantages vs. conventional shower trays

  • High-performance polyester resins and fillers
  • Solid and compact
  • High impact resistance
  • Can be repaired and handled with DIY tools
Corte Plato de Ducha Bosnor

Bosnor means quality and innovation
Homogeneous and compact mixture

Our R&D department has developed materials such as Solid Syntech® enabling us to produce strong and durable shower trays and other bathroom elements, to create unique designs and bathroom spaces.

As certified by Aidimme, our shower trays comply with all required safety, durability and mechanical resistance quality standards.

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