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Homogeneous and resistant material
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Pyramid, your cubist bathroom for the summer

Using geometric shapes and a touch of pop, the result is a cubist bathroom in which we’ll want to hide from the heat to cool off. and enjoy a "diffe...


Oxide – patinas and colors in the reddish tones of rust

Metal rusts when in contact with air and the results are the different looks of oxide; those patinas in reddish ranges with blue and green hints. Thes...


Calacatta, all the elegance and resistance of marble in your bathroom

Calacatta marble is popular and highly-desirable for its gray veining and its striking whiteness....

Bosnor: Art, colour and design at your feet

In recent years, the bathroom has established itself as a social center in homes, displaying elements which show a style and a status: furniture, screen, shower tray. The trend to transform bathtubs into showers and to create bathrooms with a sense of space and comfort enables all the same to give a touch of elegance and relax to the bathroom without undertaking expensive renovations.

Bosnor shower trays are manufactured using our Solid Syntech material as a base, a Solid Surface material made of a high-performance polyester resin and a high-finesse and high-purity non-mineral synthetic charge called ATH (aluminium trihydroxide).

This material makes it possible to manufacture technically advanced and long-lasting shower trays and other bathroom fixtures such as sinks and panels, with a wide range of design possibilities.

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catálogo Bosnor
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