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Kubik, a dreamy and bohemian corner to shut yourself off and plunge into the universe of the artist

Hoy nos vamos de visita cultural a casa de un artista para que nos enseñe su obra relacionada con la geometría y el cubismo. Con una gráfica modern...

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Grungy - are you up for wabi-sabi?

Have you heard of wabi-sabi? The distinctive Japanese way of viewing the world and understanding the beauty of imperfection. Wabi means "the elegant b...

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Ebony: hear the call of the savannah

Hakuna Matata, or 'no worries'. One of the many lessons we learned from the film The Lion King, and which we are ready to repeat every morning when we...

Bosnor: Art, colour and design at your feet

In recent years, the bathroom has established itself as a social center in homes, displaying elements which show a style and a status: furniture, screen, shower tray. The trend to transform bathtubs into showers and to create bathrooms with a sense of space and comfort enables all the same to give a touch of elegance and relax to the bathroom without undertaking expensive renovations.

Bosnor shower trays are manufactured using our Solid Syntech material as a base, a Solid Surface material made of a high-performance polyester resin and a high-finesse and high-purity non-mineral synthetic charge called ATH (aluminium trihydroxide).

This material makes it possible to manufacture technically advanced and long-lasting shower trays and other bathroom fixtures such as sinks and panels, with a wide range of design possibilities.

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catálogo Bosnor
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catálogo Bosnor
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