Obsidian – Heat at Your Feet in Black and Gold


Obsidian, also known as volcanic glass, is a type of igneous or volcanic rock. The lava that forms it heats your feet in black and gold tones. It’s quite the daily volcanic eruption of energy and good vibes.

Obsidian - Heat at Your Feet, space



Our star element, the obsidian, stands out in this atmosphere of infinite flooring diffused on the walls and shower screens. It’s the undeniable focus along with the black faucets matching the grating and shower screen attachments. Harmonious straight lines in infinite spaces.


Obsidian – Heat at Your Feet in Black and Gold

With this obsidian shower tray, we’ve begun a whole-new series of shower tray items which are not found in the current collections or catalogue.

Although some things never change with our shower trays as they’re all available with two drain models: step and surface. Here’s a fantastic close-up view of Obsidian.

Obsidian - Heat at Your Feet, space

Obsidian – Heat at Your Feet in Black and Gold.


Bathroom Trends for 2021: #newgeneration

These all-new models, which rejuvenate and modernize the Print range, are in line with the new bathroom trends for 2021.  They also make it possible to create that shower tray you’ve always dreamed of with a custom design that matches your needs. This new collection is the epitome of our motto: Even if you’ve never seen it before, we can do it.

More on bathroom trends for 2021 at our Pinterest profile.

Other interesting references that help inspire you just as they inspire us.

Obsidiana, inspiration Obsidiana, inspiration