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Calacatta, all the elegance and resistance of marble in your bathroom

Calacatta marble is popular and highly-desirable for its gray veining and its striking whiteness....

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Oxide – patinas and colors in the reddish tones of rust

Metal rusts when in contact with air and the results are the different looks of oxide; those patinas in reddish ranges with blue and green hints. These unexpected, unpredictable results are also evoked by our resin plates from the industrial range.


Lines – the geometry of infinite illusions

Lines - the geometry of infinite illusions. That impossible geometry that makes us dream and takes us to universes where the laws of gravity are easily broken. And when we step on it, it transforms us and takes us to other worlds without leaving home.

Colors Spectro gris perla

Colors-Spectro: Color Feng Shui in bathroom decoration

Discover the benefits of color by applying Feng Shui not only in your living room and bedroom, but also in your bathroom. According to Feng Shui, depending on the color you use in your décor, you’ll be attracting a particular energy your home.

Alberta ambiente

Alberta, a Nordic atmosphere in the bathroom

When we talk about Nordic atmospheres in decoration, white and gray images come to mind, as well as a not-too-cozy feeling of cold. But it doesn’t have to be that way: warmth and a Nordic atmosphere are not necessarily incompatible.


2020 bathrooms trends

Natural colors and wood details for bathrooms. In this post we will offer you some tips to redecorate your bathroom. You’ll find photographs of contemporary bathrooms and many great ideas to inspire you.

Concrete de bosnor

Concrete and the contrast trend in bathrooms

Trends to follow when renovating your bathroom. Today we want to show you some very interesting tricks to transform this space into a temple that transmits peace and tranquility. The key is in the textures and the contrast of colors.

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