Splash - Droplets that take you back to nature

The immense window is the indisputable focus of this bathroom where our Splash shower tray has been easily integrated, framed by the window. If it weren’t for the cracked decoration, Splash could very well hide itself between the floor and that window. The silver grating coordinates with the faucet and shower head making it almost seem like water will start to come out at any time, taking you back to nature - inside and out, the living and non-living....

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Terrazzo – Join the quartz trend
Deco →

Terrazzo is a traditional product which has now been revamped and is very much in vogue, thanks to the great variety of colours, formats and personalities it can offer a bathroom. This is a re-released classic, above all in our case, as it allows unique and customised designs. Join this trend revitalising quartz with a constellation of coloured stones to infuse you with energy and well-being like a bag of sweets.

Oak – The Summeriest Shower Tray
Wood →

Our summeriest atmosphere: a cosy shade, a hundred-year-old oak shower tray, an evocative hammock and turquoise reflections from the Adriatic Sea in the background... You choose: a shower before a nap to get all the salt off your skin or afterwards ;-) Are you ready for the summer?

Algae – Get In and Enjoy A Sea-Like Shower
Industrial →

The exuberant vegetation evokes flora, moisture and a marine background. It all seems to create a sea bottom like decoration where the Little Mermaid will appear at any time. But instead of this fictional character, what arises from this underwater world just below the Colocasia is our Algae shower tray with grey, green and blue tones that seem to be the result of years of fighting with nature.