Kubik, a dreamy and bohemian corner to shut yourself off and plunge into the universe of the artist

Hoy nos vamos de visita cultural a casa de un artista para que nos enseñe su obra relacionada con la geometría y el cubismo. Con una gráfica moderna a rabiar. Y mira por dónde, su baño abierto es el máximo exponente de esta tendencia. Un espacio donde aislarse y sumergirse en total creatividad....

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Lines – the geometry of infinite illusions
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Lines - the geometry of infinite illusions. That impossible geometry that makes us dream and takes us to universes where the laws of gravity are easily broken. And when we step on it, it transforms us and takes us to other worlds without leaving home.

Nostalgy, the hero of our most retro bathroom
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To talk about today’s model, Nostalgy, we have to take a long journey through time, to the south of France in the mid-nineteenth century, to discover the hydraulic mosaic. This pigmented cement tile was invented at that time.

Deco Collection (Art deco)
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The Nostalgy and Loop models will be our new additions, which we already presented to you and you voted for on our Facebook Page, with excellent results. We are also adding to our collection the Lines, Mosaic and Pyramid models that you will have already seen on our website.