Nostalgy, the hero of our most retro bathroom

To talk about today’s model, Nostalgy, we have to take a long journey through time, to the south of France in the mid-nineteenth century, to discover the hydraulic mosaic. This pigmented cement tile was invented at that time and was used in construction until 1960.

The first references we have are from 1857, although its consolidation as an alternative to natural stone (mainly marble) was at the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1867, where the Barcelona-based firm Garret, Rivet y Cía. presented it as a type of tile that did not require cooking but was consolidated by presses.

How could we give this type of hydraulic pavement, with such an important history, the place it deserves? Well, by giving it a place in our bathroom and a name that takes us back to the past; to that endearing place where we were welcomed with so much love, the house of our ancestors, the home of our grandmother.


Our Nostalgy model will help create that bathroom space with a retro touch that will make us travel back in time to that cozy place where we felt so comfortable.


Step Version


Surface Version


Here are some references of other bathrooms where our Nostalgy model fits in perfectly, for its style, tonality and decoration.

Color references and ideas, Nostalgy retro bathroom

space space space space space space

Images and ideas taken from Pinterest, (See board)  

Color chart, Nostalgy retro bathroom

color chart, Nostalgy retro bathroom

Bosnor Details

detail step, Nostalgy retro bathroom detail surface, Nostalgy retro bathroom

Bathroom composition for our Nostalgy retro bathroom

space, Nostalgy retro bathroom


In this composition we see our Nostalgy model located comfortably in a bathroom with a vintage style that transports us to the past, to our grandmother’s house. To that dreamy place that makes us feel so comfortable. A warm atmosphere that fits perfectly with the style of our Nostalgy shower tray, inspired by the hydraulic pavement. In this case it is combined with whites, textures, taps and rustic details that fit in wonderfully, highlighting the elegance of Nostalgy, our most nostalgic shower tray.

Source: Wikipedia.