Algae - Get In and Enjoy A Sea-Like Shower

The exuberant vegetation evokes flora, moisture and a marine background. It all seems to create a sea bottom like decoration where the Little Mermaid will appear at any time. But instead of this fictional character, what arises from this underwater world just below the Colocasia is our Algae shower tray with grey, green and blue tones that seem to be the result of years of fighting with nature....

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Lino – Reflections of the Mediterranean, Sun and Beach
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Winter’s almost over and your body wants light and sun.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be planning your summer holiday already? Just think about that white island sand and those refreshing showers after some time at the beach. Day after day, enjoying the monotony of endless summer nights in a sophisticated and festive atmosphere as those Mediterranean reflections flood your bathroom with summer.

Aquaman and its influence in bathroom decoration
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We know what you’re thinking: “What does a marine superhero have to do with shower trays and bathroom decoration?” In addition to water, as one of the shared elements, Aquaman is also a trend-setter in the film industry and, less obviously, in the bathroom decoration sector too.