Reef, the favorite shower tray on desert islands

In this post we’ll talk about a significant Bosnor INNOVATION that is already part of the Industrial Collection of the Print Series.

This is a very special model called Reef with its rusty boat texture in blue and orange tones. Pretty, isn’t it?

Step Version


Surface Version


This model comes with a story that is sure to at least stir your curiosity. Remember the movie “Cast Away” starring Tom Hanks? It was filmed on the small island of Monuriki in Fiji and although it’s been 19 years since Tom Hanks touched us with his brilliant performance, today we want to mention it here to associate it with our most adventurous and most globe-trotting shower plate, Reef.

 Our Reef model has wanted to travel to that heavenly place to create a very special space where there isn’t a single inhabitant across its over 4,000 square feet.

If you want to see this special place that a castaway created one day with our Reef model as its key feature, keep reading until the end.

Color references and ideas for bathrooms

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Images and ideas from Pinterest (See board).

Color chart Reef, the favorite shower tray 

color chart, Reef, the favorite shower tray

Bosnor Details

detail step Reef, the favorite shower tray  detail surface, Reef, the favorite shower tray

Digital printing by sublimation of very high mechanical resistance with lacquer finishes to protect the printing, keeping colors unchanged over time. Bosnor offers a 10-year warranty on all its shower trays.

Bathroom composition for our Reef the favorite shower tray

space, Reef, the favorite shower tray

Just like part of a ship submerged in the ocean, our Reef model could have been rescued by a shipwrecked man and transported to this beautiful place, on the small island of Monuriki in Fiji, to welcome this luxuriously detailed, unique shower tray.

With natural elements of stone and wood, the Reef model stands out in this environment and lets us glimpse the light and the jungle of the island.

A very special model, rusted for years by the harsh waters of the Pacific Ocean, to achieve a unique result in luxury shower trays.

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