Lino – Reflections of the Mediterranean, Sun and Beach


Winter’s almost over and your body wants light and sun.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be planning your summer holiday already? Just think about that white island sand and those refreshing showers after some time at the beach. Day after day, enjoying the monotony of endless summer nights in a sophisticated and festive atmosphere as those Mediterranean reflections flood your bathroom with summer.

 Lino - Bathroom with Summer, space


Our Lino tray inhabits a colonial atmosphere full of simplicity and freshness. Climbing plants drop in through the open ceiling at the top of this tropical bathroom, accompanied by palm trees for a natural effect not to mention other details like the transparent shower screen and matte chrome faucets.

The drain grate is available in a step or surface version.

Lino, surface Lino, step


Lino – Industrial Collection

Lino is the first of our Industrial collection. This collection is made up of the following models: Algae, Auburn, Bluish, Lino and Oxide. It’s a collection that will surprise you with just how elegant and exclusive a shower tray can be with colours and textures imitating oxides.

Bathroom Trends for 2021 Refreshing Creativity

These all-new models, which rejuvenate and modernize the Print range, are in line with the new bathroom trends for 2021.  They also make it possible to create that shower tray you’ve always dreamed of with a custom design that matches your needs. Even if you’ve never seen it before, we can do it.

 Lino - Bathroom with Summer, space

Lino – Reflections of the Mediterranean, Sun and Beach to Flood Your Bathroom with Summer.

More on our Industrial collection at our Pinterest account.

Other interesting references that help inspire you just as they inspire us.

 Lino - verano tu baño, inspiración    Lino - verano tu baño, inspiración