Oxide – patinas and colors in the reddish tones of rust


Metal rusts when in contact with air and the results are the different looks of oxide; those patinas in reddish ranges with blue and green hints. These unexpected, unpredictable results are also evoked by our resin plates from the industrial range.


Industrial is in fashion, from cement finishes to textured walls, to metal frame furniture and the Nordic style. To all this we’re adding our popular model of Oxide shower tray in its unmistakable reddish tone of rust, and the vanity top to match!

A worn but very contemporary touch that combines wonderfully with the modern black taps. The result is a space with a lot of personality and full of contrast.

Space, colors in the reddish tones of rust

An industrial space transformed into an avant-garde loft full of light and contrasts.

The Industrial family

Oxide is the latest model from the Industrial collection. It joins our other industrial models, previously presented:

  • Bluish, the summer shower tray that evokes sand on the beach and the sea with the reflection of the sun.
  • Iron, and its modern vibe.
  • Reef, the favorite shower tray of the paradise islands.
  • Rusty, our popular Aquaman-inspired shower tray.

With the incorporation of Oxide, the Industrial family is now complete.


All are available with our two drainage models:



oxide, step


oxide, surface

Easy maintenance

Here are some tips to make sure your shower tray always looks like the first day:

-Basic cleaning: After the shower, rinse the tray with water and ventilate the area.

-Intensive cleaning: wash the shower tray with water and a bathroom cleaner using a nonabrasive sponge or a soft cotton cloth. Do not use solvents or abrasive products (such as scourers).

-For difficult stains: use the so-called “magic erasers”.

-To remove possible lime remains, dilute a household anti-lime agent in 2/3, remove the grid, let it soak for 15 minutes and rinse the shower tray with plenty of water, before replacing the grid.


It will always look this beautiful in the colors in the reddish tones of rust:

oxide, detail, colors in the reddish tones of rust

Oxide shower tray: a radically modern industrial touch.

For more references of colors in the reddish tones of rust check our Pinterest.