Algae – Get In and Enjoy A Sea-Like Shower


The exuberant vegetation evokes flora, moisture and a marine background. It all seems to create a sea bottom like decoration where the Little Mermaid will appear at any time. But instead of this fictional character, what arises from this underwater world just below the Colocasia is our Algae shower tray with grey, green and blue tones that seem to be the result of years of fighting with nature.

Algae a Sea-Like Shower, atmosphere


This surface grating combination perfectly adapts to the cement walls and matte black faucets. Algae is a very special model that has been oxidised by the harsh water at the bottom of the ocean to create this luxury shower tray.

Algae a Sea-Like Shower, atmosphere

Algae – Get In and Enjoy A Sea-Like Shower Surrounded by Underwater Flora.

Besides the surface grating option in this atmosphere, a step version is also available.

algae, stepalgae, surface

Algae a Sea-Like Shower – Industrial Collection

Algae is a part of the industrial collection with shower trays featuring colours and textures that imitate oxides from browns to blues and greens as well as greys. This collection is made up of the following models: Algae, Auburn, Bluish, Lino and Oxide. A few weeks ago, we presented the Lino and Auburn models. Take a look at the Bluish and Oxide remakes as they won’t leave you indifferent.

Bathroom Trends for 2021 Refreshing Creativity

These all-new models, which rejuvenate and modernise the Print range, are in line with the new bathroom trends for 2021.  They also make it possible to create that shower tray you’ve always dreamed of with a custom design that matches your needs. Even if you’ve never seen it before, we can do it.

More on our Industrial collection at our Pinterest account.

Other interesting references that help inspire you just as they inspire us.

Algae a Sea-Like Shower, inspiration  Algae, inspiration  Algae, inspiration