Auburn – An oasis where the seduction in copper tones will captivate you


The chromatic range of browns and copper colours are coming back strong in the decorating world; especially terracotta.

The colour terracotta is a warm tone with a lot of strength.

The word terracotta originally comes from Italian (terra cotta) and it refers to the baked clay used as the primary component of ceramic. This material has been used since ancient times to make everyday containers and sculptures as well as in construction.

Nowadays, “the return to all things organic and natural” is one of the basic premises underlying the work of designers, interior designers and architects. That’s why they’re bringing the natural and aesthetic value of the colour terracotta to their designs and collections.

Auburn, seduction in copper tones, space



Our Auburn shower tray is surprising due to how it adapts to the atmosphere in this riad with terracotta-copper tones on the walls and flooring in addition to the colonial decor. Wrapped in organic elements: wood, macrame fabric, Mexican palm trees, and protected by an immense transparent screen. It’s an oasis for relaxation, self-care and rest.

The drain grate is available in a step or surface version.

Auburn, stepAuburn, surface









Auburn – Industrial collection

Auburn is a part of the elegant and exclusive Industrial collection with shower trays featuring colours and textures that imitate oxides. This collection is made up of the following models: Algae, Auburn, Bluish, Lino and Oxide. A while back, we talked about Lino.  Algae will be quite the new development and the remakes of Bluish and Oxide will leave no one indifferent.

Auburn, seduction in copper tones, space

Auburn – An oasis where the seduction in copper tones and colonial decoration will captivate you.


Bathroom Trends for 2021 Refreshing Creativity

These all-new models, which rejuvenate and modernise the Print range, are in line with the new bathroom trends for 2021.  They also make it possible to create that shower tray you’ve always dreamed of with a custom design that matches your needs. Even if you’ve never seen it before, we can do it.

More on our Industrial collection at our Pinterest account.

Other interesting references that help inspire you just as they inspire us.

Auburn, seduction in copper tones, inspiration Auburn, seduction in copper tones, inspiration