Mosaic, a shower tray that shines with starlight

Ideas for a bathroom bathed in the light of a starry night


Today we will talk about our Mosaic model, a shower tray that shines with starlight, included in the Deco Collection of our well-known Print Series.

Check out Bosnor’s two design options for this model:

Step version


Surface version


Imagine a summer night deep in the mountains, under a star-filled sky, while a trail of light from an immense full moon shines the way in the middle of the darkness. Can you see it? Would you like to enjoy this moment of peace in your own bathroom?

We’ve taken one of those stars and brought it to your feet, so that while you shower you can enjoy that moment of peace and tranquility.

Check out some ideas and references that will take you to that unique, magical place.

Color suggestions and ideas for Mosaic, a shower tray with starlight:

space space space space

Images and ideas taken from Pinterest (See Board).


Color chart for Mosaic, a shower tray with starlight

Color chart for Mosaic, a shower tray with starlight

space,Mosaic, a shower tray with starlight

Here we can see our Mosaic model, the shower tray with details of stars and intertwined lines, stand out in this nocturnal atmosphere like a great star that shines in the darkness of the night. This bathroom transports us to that place, while we look at the stars and the planets on a summer night from the mountain.

Mosaic works perfectly with blue, lilac and pink tones, with chromed faucets and light gray details that make it stand out among all the elements and materials of this bathroom.