Lines – the geometry of infinite illusions


Remember Escher and his infinite stairs, his waterfalls where water flows upwards, his optical illusions…? That impossible geometry that makes us dream and takes us to universes where the laws of gravity are easily broken.

Our Lines shower tray reminds us of all of that – when we step on it, it transforms us and takes us to other worlds without leaving home.

Spaces: Lines – the geometry

The creamy colors of this bathroom allow for the perfect integration of our key element Lines in the set. A bathroom with lots of natural light that enters through the window; a window through which our imagination will take us flying towards the outside world.

Our Lines shower tray’s details imitate a grid in white lines, making it very original. Ideal for bathrooms in earth, beige and white tones with some black detail. In this case the color of the drain cover is beige, as we will see in more detail below.

Lines space, Lines - the geometry

The entire Deco collection

The Deco collection, from the Print series, which the Lines model shower trays belong to, is inspired by Art Deco: it’s full of fantasy and originality, ready to fill your bathroom with art, color and design. Other models within the same collection that we have recently talked about are the Loop model with its geometric drawings, the retro Nostalgy or the starry Mosaic. All of them available in two drain models:






Take a closer look at it because our Print series is made using unique, proprietary sublimation printing technology, enabling us to obtain these stunning geometric designs.

Detail Surface, Lines - the geometry

The Lines shower tray, and its impossible geometry, takes us to other worlds without having to leave our home… or even the bathroom.