Loop, the most fashionable shower tray this time of year: blue geometry


The Loop shower tray model is ideal this time of the year, for several reasons: because it’s winter and the Loop design reminds us of snowflakes falling through the glass of a window; and because its geometric drawings are a reference to Frozen2, the children’s film where blue is the color all the girls crave.

The color blue is the most highly-requested primary color in the world of decoration because of its desirable qualities: freshness, purity, calm and tranquility. The fact that we associate it with water means it’s a classic choice in bathrooms, especially for floor or wall tiles, although the latest trends also see it introduced in bathtubs, shower trays and toilets.

Loop blue geometry’s Spaces

In this bathroom environment our Loop model is found inside a space with a retro style. A shower tray with circular details that reminds us a little of the 80s and combines perfectly with the natural, white and light wood tones that we see here in the image. We have chosen a black tap to give a touch of dark color, adding some warmth to the picture.

Loop blue geometry

The shower trays of the Loop model belong to the Deco collection of the Print series, as mentioned in a previous post; this collection takes its name from Art Deco, characterized by ornamental profusion, the luxury of materials and frequent geometric and floral motifs. A collection full of fantasy and originality to add art, color and design to your bathroom.

Check out the two versions of this shower tray model:




surface Loop blue geometry 

Bosnor resins and Solid Surface

The shower trays of the Print series are created with SolidSynthec®, a Solid Surface material composed of a high-performance polyester resin and a non-mineral synthetic filler of great finesse and purity called ATH (aluminum trihydroxide). The result is a completely homogeneous material, technically superior to other options on the market.

We can’t emphasize Bosnor’s details and finishes too much. Here, in the profiles and borders, we can see the same texture of the Loop design completely covering the shower tray and penetrating its interior.

detalle step

Are you ready to introduce Loop blue geometry into your bathroom?