Pyramid, your cubist bathroom for the summer


Cubism is another way of seeing objects, a vision of things from a new perspective, using geometric shapes and lines; if we add a touch of pop to all this, the result is a cubist bathroom in which we’ll want to hide from the heat to cool off and enjoy a “different” summer.


In this environment we see the Pyramid model as the main feature of a modern and contemporary bathroom, with salmon colors that combine perfectly with the chrome, white and details of our shower tray. The chrome-plated drain cover blends between the triangles and stars on our Pyramid shower tray.

Pyramid, space, cubist bathroom


And Pyramid also completes our Deco collection

The Deco collection is full of geometry, whether its lines, stars or cubic shapes. Our Pyramid model completes it.

So to sum up, we’ve been telling you about:

  • Lines, the geometry of infinite illusions.
  • Loop, geometric designs like snowflakes.
  • Nostalgy, our retro bathroom.
  • Mosaic, a star-shaped shower tray.

Like the rest of our collections, it’s also available in two drain models:



Pyramid, step


Pyramid, surface

Color chart

Pyramid, color chart


Endless finishes

Our Print range allows for an endless design of surface finishes, adaptable to any place and environment.

Pyramide, detail, cubist bathroom

Pyramid shower tray, cubism for your summer

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