Sapphire - Cover your bathroom in stardust

Set foot inside this bathroom with its art deco styling, and you will feel like you are walking into a party at the Great Gatsby's mansion in the Roaring Twenties: all glamour, sparkle and light, although no one can take away that touch of nostalgia for days gone by....

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Grungy – are you up for wabi-sabi?
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Have you heard of wabi-sabi? The distinctive Japanese way of viewing the world and understanding the beauty of imperfection. Wabi means "the elegant beauty of humble simplicity", and sabi means "the passage of time and its wear and tear".

Ebony: hear the call of the savannah
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Hakuna Matata, or 'no worries'. One of the many lessons we learned from the film The Lion King, and which we are ready to repeat every morning when we hear the call of the Savannah.