Ebony: hear the call of the savannah


Hakuna Matata, or ‘no worries’. One of the many lessons we learned from the film The Lion King, and which we are ready to repeat every morning when we hear the call of the Savannah. Can you imagine this setting for your shower routine? Can’t you just hear the lion’s roar as the soundtrack to your refreshing morning ritual?

Ebony shower tray, setting


Our Ebony shower tray fits in with the micro-cement of the walls and floor, the matte black tap fittings, and above all the huge windows and glass screen. A bathroom in the heart of the wild, elegant, natural savannah, blending elements and textures; lending the whole ensemble great strength, and a fiercely modern and contemporary design. Ebony: feel the call of the savannah as the setting for your refreshing shower routine.


Ebony shower tray – Wood collection

In these chaotic times we need to reinvent ourselves, with old models giving way to new replacements. The Wood collection is currently made up of the following models: Alberta, Cajun, Ebony, Oak, Rustik and Sequoia. We have already presented some of them, but will still be showing them off in new contexts, while others will be displayed over the coming weeks.

Some things never change, and all our collections are always available with two drainage models: step and surface.

detail Ebony


100% focused on our Print Custom Art range

If you have a bathroom that you need to refurbish or design, we aim to be by your side in the creative process, helping you to achieve the customisation that will make your project unique and “almost” unrepeatable. Remember that we can create almost any look: ceramic, stone, wood, geometrical forms and industrial finishes. All with the quality, ease of installation and warmth to the touch offered by Solid Surface shower trays, perfectly matching your choice of tile and all other elements of the bathroom.

If none of these designs evoking wood are quite right for your refurbishment project, the Print range offers you the chance to create your dream shower tray, with a design tailored to your needs. Even if you have never seen it before, we can make it.


Ebony shower tray, setting

Ebony shower tray: hear the call of the savannah as the setting for your refreshing shower routine.

Other references of interest that could help inspire you, the way they inspire us …

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