Sapphire - Cover your bathroom in stardust

Set foot inside this bathroom with its art deco styling, and you will feel like you are walking into a party at the Great Gatsby's mansion in the Roaring Twenties: all glamour, sparkle and light, although no one can take away that touch of nostalgia for days gone by....

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Concrete de bosnor

Concrete and the contrast trend in bathrooms
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Trends to follow when renovating your bathroom. Today we want to show you some very interesting tricks to transform this space into a temple that transmits peace and tranquility. The key is in the textures and the contrast of colors.

marble de bosnor

Sophistication and elegance have a name – MARFIL
Nature →

To talk about the main feature of this post, the Ivory Model from our Nature collection, we need to go back to another era, that of the Greeks, the Hebrews and the Egyptians, who used ivory as an ornament to decorate rooms, furniture and temples.

sequoia de bosnor

Sequoia, the most evergreen shower tray on the market
Wood →

A sequoia is an evergreen tree. It originates from North America and demands a lot of water and atmospheric humidity, which is why we wanted to include our SEQUOIA model, from the Wood collection, in a bathroom environment where it can enjoy the most comfortable stay of its long life.

Atacama solid surface

Atacama, the desert shower tray
Nature →

Atacama is the name we have given to our shower tray from the Nature collection, with its distinctive orange-toned patterns which could easily be the marks left behind by the flow of water.

Nostalgy, the hero of our most retro bathroom
Deco →

To talk about today’s model, Nostalgy, we have to take a long journey through time, to the south of France in the mid-nineteenth century, to discover the hydraulic mosaic. This pigmented cement tile was invented at that time.