Our Rock model in a very Rock & Roll bathroom environment

According to Wikipedia, Rock is a broad term that groups together a variety of popular music genres, such as rock and roll in the early 1950s in the United States. It has its roots in the rock and roll of the 40s and 50s, which in turn was born from the combination of previous genres such as blues, rhythm and blues and country.

In our case, Rock is the name of our shower tray model, included in the Stone collection of our popular Print Series. A tough, durable shower tray that we have included in a very Rock & Roll bathroom environment.

Don’t forget to read this post to the end to discover this environment and its history.

Step Version


Surface Version



If we travel back in time to prehistory, at the time of the ancient stone, we discover that the horn that the Venus of Laussel holds in her right hand (one of the key art pieces of Paleolithic art) is a musical instrument called an idiophone, according to the discovery of several archaeologists. From this we can deduce that music has been present throughout the ages and throughout the evolution of the human species, to make our lives here on Earth more pleasing.

Venus de Laussel

Venus de Laussel


Music, stone and especially resistance through time, are the concepts that together have helped us create this bathroom space for our key feature, the Rock model.

Check out some of our contemporary looks and ideas – the rock or natural stone adapts wonderfully to these bathrooms.


Color references and ideas for bathrooms in caves


Images and ideas from Pinterest (See board)


Color chart of the Rock & Roll bathroom environment

color chart, Rock & Roll bathroom environment

Bosnor Details

detail step,Rock & Roll bathroom environment detail surface, Rock & Roll bathroom environment

Composition for our Rock model, Rock & Roll bathroom environment 


Space, Rock & Roll bathroom environment

Our Rock model feels very comfortable in this bathroom environment that was once a hard stone cave. This impressive result, where the common thread is still stone rock, has been achieved thanks to the passing of time and the hand of man. The huge window lets us see a lush garden that once was a forest. The floor is perfect gray micro cement that maintains the prominence of our Rock model and the different colors and textures that live alongside it. Modern details, with a current design for a shower tray that is very resistant and durable over time.

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