Concrete and the contrast trend in bathrooms

Trends to follow when renovating your bathroom

Today we want to show you some very interesting tricks to transform this space into a temple that transmits peace and tranquility. The key is in the textures and the contrast of colors. At the end of this post you will find our design proposal that combines perfectly well with our Concrete shower tray model from the Stone collection.


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Concrete and the contrast trend

Although our shower trays are not manufactured with this cold, hard material, their finishes can give that feeling in a very realistic way. As you know, the Print series shower trays are manufactured using as a base our material Solid Syntech®, a Solid Surface material made of a high-performance polyester resin and a high-finesse and high-purity non-mineral synthetic filler called ATH (aluminium trihydroxide). Subsequently a digital sublimation printing technique patented by BOSNOR is applied. The impression of very high mechanical resistance penetrates the material that makes up the plate, thus remaining permanently fixed.

But let’s go back to the name and its meanings: Concrete is also the name of a graphic novel created and written by Paul Chadwick. In Concrete’s short stories the author knows how to convey the importance of those little things we hardly value in our daily lives: the feeling of a breeze on our face, the smells, the caress of a hand, everything that was taken from Ron Lithgow thanks to a series of experiments by a strange extraterrestrial race that transplanted his brain to a body of stone.

And yes, a bathroom can also give us those feelings. The colors, the smells, the shapes, they can all be transmitted to us. A space to relax and enjoy our daily shower that also transmits those positive vibrations to start the day with great energy.

According to experts, the color green is a relaxing and refreshing color that induces feelings of serenity and harmony. It is closely related to everything natural, and also symbolizes life, fertility and good health.

Check out how well it combines with the contrast of cold, gray concrete; this is the color chart we suggest for our model and for this bathroom environment.

Color chart

Here are some examples for your inspiration:

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The beauty of hard concrete is reflected in our Concrete model and in this bathroom, where the predominant gray tones add value to the plants we see through the window. A combination of colors that match very well with our main feature; this green is also perfect to include in the decoration of the bathroom, whether that’s towels, candles, shower gel or natural sponges. A bathroom where colors, textures and contrasts create the most harmonious design for our main feature: the Concrete model.

Concrete the contrast trend

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