Atacama, the desert shower tray

Atacama is the name we have given to our shower tray from the Nature collection; with its distinctive orange-toned patterns which could easily be the marks left behind by the flow of water.

A careful look at this orange-brown shading of the mottled or patterned surface paradoxically recalls the desert, and specifically the Atacama desert and the region of Chile which shares its name with our featured product. The Atacama Desert is the driest non-polar desert on Earth, having in the past been a seabed. The main factor that served to create the Atacama is a climatic phenomenon known as the Föhn effect, which causes clouds to release their precipitation on one side of a mountain as they rise, which means that once they have passed over the peaks they no longer hold any water, giving rise to a desert by completely blocking off any possible precipitation from the East.

Which is why this desert has such an incredibly dry climate, with any scant rainfall that might occur coming only every 15 to 40 years. Periods of up to 400 years without rain have been recorded in the central region.

Imagine how happy our Atacama model would feel in your new bathroom. A bathroom full of nature, water and plenty of life.





Colour references and bathroom ideas

Images and ideas from Pinterest (See board)

Color chart of the shower tray Atacama

color chart Atacama, the desert shower tray

Bosnor details


Bathroom composition for our Atacama model


A continuous water trail has guided the details that decorate our main element, the Atacama model, and that combines perfectly with all the elements of this bathroom environment.

Nature, beige tones and natural wood for a bathroom in which our main element stands out as if it were a work of art, created by nature to dazzle in your bathroom.


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