Sapphire - Cover your bathroom in stardust

Set foot inside this bathroom with its art deco styling, and you will feel like you are walking into a party at the Great Gatsby's mansion in the Roaring Twenties: all glamour, sparkle and light, although no one can take away that touch of nostalgia for days gone by....

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Solid Surface – A new high-end material
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Our shower trays are manufactured in Solid Surface. This material is composed of a mixture of high quality raw materials such as polyester resin and a high purity synthetic filler with very high reinforcing properties called aluminium trihydroxide (ATH).

Aquaman and its influence in bathroom decoration
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We know what you’re thinking: “What does a marine superhero have to do with shower trays and bathroom decoration?” In addition to water, as one of the shared elements, Aquaman is also a trend-setter in the film industry and, less obviously, in the bathroom decoration sector too.

Step or Surface?
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Two design and drain options for all our shower trays. One of the many features of our Bonsor shower tray models is that each of them has these designs (Step or Surface), so the options for each model are multiplied by two.

Deco Collection (Art deco)
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The Nostalgy and Loop models will be our new additions, which we already presented to you and you voted for on our Facebook Page, with excellent results. We are also adding to our collection the Lines, Mosaic and Pyramid models that you will have already seen on our website.