Solid Surface – A new high-end material

A new high-end material composed of resins and a non-mineral synthetic filler for luxury and personalised shower trays.

Our shower trays are manufactured in Solid Surface. This material is composed of a mixture of high quality raw materials such as polyester resin and a high purity synthetic filler with very high reinforcing properties called aluminium trihydroxide (ATH). Our fully automated production process allows us to manufacture a pigmented mass that is completely compact and resistant. One of the most important characteristics is that the pigmentation is en masse, which allows us to manufacture shower trays in any of the colours of the RAL chart, which can be cut in order to keep the interior colour equal to that of the surface.

The main characteristics of the Solid Surface are its durability, its resistance, its easy repair and the possibility of playing with its finishes, colours, shapes and textures such as those suggested by Bosnor’s Print and Colors Series.

The mineral fillers with which shower plates are usually produced are varied and include marble, silica, quartz and especially calcium carbonate. Aluminium trihydroxide stands out from the rest as it is a mineral filler, rather than a synthetic filler.

Its chemical formula is Al(OH)3; this synthetic filler used by Bosnor and with a somewhat difficult name to pronounce is a white powder with thermal characteristics that give translucence and whiteness to the product.

mineral atoms powder

Untreated mineral

This innovative high-end material (SOLID SURFACE) is increasingly being used in both indoor and outdoor decoration, in kitchens as well as bathrooms. Its beauty in the finishes and its solidity make it the star material for the production of Bosnor shower trays.

solid surface

Surface model of the Bosnor Color Series


What are the main features of Solid Surface?

  • It has no skin (gel coat) on the outside nor fibres on the inside. It is not porous.
  • It is clean, resistant, durable and has the warmth of a soft, magnificent touch.
  • Resistant to stains: as it is without pores, it can be manufactured with imperceptible joints, ensuring a fully hygienic surface.
  • Resistant to bacteria and fungi and is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Inert and non-toxic.
  • Environmentally-friendly. Its manufacturing is strictly controlled and its production is low in emissions.
  • It is pigmented en masse, so it is possible to obtain unlimited colour and design combinations. Highly customisable.

What are the benefits of Solid Surface?

  • It has high quality polyester resins and raw materials, with a very fine ATH mineral of great whiteness.
  • The production and manufacturing processes are fully automatic and vacuum mixed. High compaction.
  • Solid Surface has a high resistance to impacts and has high tolerance for daily wear. Its surface is closed and without pores.
  • Aseptic and easy to clean. Its daily upkeep consists in cleaning it with soapy water or creamy detergents to remove stains and dirt that may deposit on the surface and rinsing it correctly, thus reducing the risk of infections.
  • High anti-scratch and anti-slip treatment.
  • High durability.
  • It is a material that can be repaired and worked on with DIY tools.
solid surface

Oxide model (STEP) from the Print series (Industrial Collection) by Bosnor


Solid Syntech

The Bosnor brand has gone further and has created its own Solid Surface material named Solid Syntech. Solid Syntech is a Solid Surface composed of polyester resin and ATH, registered by BOSNOR.

When we talk about quality in shower trays we should write BOSNOR in capital letters. As well as the components and materials used to manufacture them, the manufacturing process also boasts BOSNOR’S own patented “Solid Syntech” formula, a homogeneous and compact mixture that makes it possible to achieve a highly resistant and compact material, resulting in shower trays that are solid, free from layers of materials and easily mouldable and/or repairable.

AIDIMA is a technological centre of international scope, formed by companies in the sectors of furniture, wood, packaging and related industries. For the Bosnor brand it is an honour to have an AIDIMA quality certificate that proves that their shower trays meet all the required quality standards in terms of safety, durability and mechanical resistance.

Bosnor also offers a 10-year guarantee on all its shower tray models. Luxury shower trays with unbeatable quality. Bosnor continues working every day to exceed its own standards and delight its customers with its personalised shower trays.

Source: Interview managers Bosnor (Sanitarista’s)