Colorado, in a very summery bathroom environment

The sea, the waves, the turquoise color and our Colorado model from the Wood collection are the main features of this post.

In a few days summer will be with us, for many of us one of the best seasons of the year. The hot weather, the sun, the vacations, the beach, the swimming pool – there are a thousand and one reasons to feel happy in summer. Among them, the colors that communicate to us so much happiness and good vibes like turquoise, yellow, orange… Today it’s all about the turquoise blue for decorating a bathroom environment where our hero, the Colorado model, will feel very happy.

Step version


Surface version


As you have just seen, our Colorado model, with wood-like textures and color, reminds us a bit of the path that takes us down to the beach, that footbridge that makes us rest our feet on a hot summer day and takes us, step by step, towards the much desired beach.

We invite you to discover some summer bathing environments that have given us many ideas to project our Colorado model into a fresh, cheerful and very turquoise bathroom environment.

References of color and ideas (Bathroom trends) for a summery bathroom environment:

space space space space

Images and ideas taken from Pinterest, turquoise bathrooms (See board).

Don’t these bathroom environments express joy? They remind us of the scales of a mermaid moving like a fish in water in these environments.

Color chart of summery bathroom environment

Color chart of summery bathroom environment

Bosnor Details

Detail step, summery bathroom environment Detail surface, summery bathroom environment

Bathroom composition for our Colorado model, a summery bathroom environment

Space, summery bathroom environment

What do you think of this summer composition for our Colorado model?

Textures of siren tiles, turquoise walls, circular mirror all combined with taps, countertop and modern sink, so our model can feel right at home.