Atlantic, the key feature of a bathroom that’s all about Tiffany

It’s been 182 years since the birth of the most popular, cinematic and glamorous jewelry, Tiffany.

Tiffany’s flagship stores are located in New York, next to Trump Towers. The old Tiffany building on 38th Street is part of the National Register of Historic Places, and its polished granite exterior is famous for its little window. The store was the scene of the famous 1961 film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” starring Audrey Hepburn. But if there’s something that characterizes this brand and emblematic store, it’s the color.

tiffany tiffany

The blue of its box is recorded at Pantone with the number 1837, coinciding with the year of its foundation. In 1906 The New York Sun wrote: “Charles Lewis Tiffany has in his stock something that cannot be bought for any sum of money, and that is one of its boxes. The store rule is unquestionable, never will a box with the name of the brand on it leave the store without it containing an item sold by them and for which they are responsible”.

For our Atlantic model, included in the Wood Collection, we wanted to give it that glamor that reminds us of the Tiffany brand and its popular Pantone Color 1837. Check out the natural beauty of the model in its two versions:


Step Version


Surface Version


Below are some references of other bathrooms where color, elegance and style come together to evoke this iconic brand.

Color references and ideas (inspired by Tiffany)

space space space space space

Images and ideas taken from Pinterest (See board).


Color chart of bathrooms that’s all about Tiffany

color chart bathroom that’s all about Tiffany

Bosnor Details

step detail, bathroom that’s all about Tiffany surface detail, bathroom that’s all about Tiffany

Bathroom composition for our Atlantic model, bathroom that’s all about Tiffany

space, bathroom that’s all about Tiffany

In this composition we see our Atlantic model comfortably installed in a bathroom that’s all about Tiffany. Where Pantone 1837 dominates the view and chrome details; as if they were made of silver, white and bright mini tiles that highlight lamps, sink and mirror in black tones. A glamorous bathroom, simple but elegant like our key feature itself: the Atlantic model with black streaks and white tones made in Solid Syntech, the Solid Surface material with Bosnor patented technology.

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