Sophistication and elegance have a name – MARFIL

Golden bathrooms; luxury and elegance never go out of style.

To talk about the main feature of this post, the Marfil Model from our Nature collection, we need to go back to another era, that of the Greeks, the Hebrews and the Egyptians, who used ivory as an ornament to decorate rooms, furniture and temples. The Bible states that Solomon had a throne of ivory encrusted with gold, and in archeological museums we can admire a large number of objects made with this material belonging to the most remote civilizations.

Here is the Ivory model in the two variants that Bosnor currently designs with the innovative Solid Syntech®, a Solid Surface material composed of a high-performance polyester resin with a high-finesse and high-purity non-mineral synthetic filler called ATH (aluminum trihydroxide).





Color chart Golden Bathrooms

Color chart Golden Bathrooms


Tips for decorating a bathroom with golden details: Golden Bathrooms

As Mi Casa magazine already revealed to us in this post, a golden bathroom is a striking and very daring proposal. You can convey a lot of elegance and sophistication, but be careful not to overdo the gold. If the golden details aren’t used sparingly, there will be so many attention-grabbing elements that the surprise effect will be lost. Check out some examples for your inspiration:

Images from Pinterest (Golden Bathrooms).

In the case of our environment, we wanted to add the glow of a gold touch in one specific spot, the front of the shower, to further highlight the elegance of our Ivory model.


Beige, chocolate and silver are the colors that accompany our main feature, the Marfil model of our Nature collection. A bathroom with lots of light, spacious, with classic gold details, including for the tap, mirror, light, sink and a front full of golden glow. This current trend, all in combination with a floor and broken white wall almost gray with brightness, as if it were marble. A luxury bathroom where our Marfil model lives in all its glorious details.

Source: Wikipedia