Color Feng Shui in bathroom decoration


Discover the benefits of color by applying Feng Shui not only in your living room and bedroom, but also in your bathroom. According to Feng Shui, depending on the color you use in your décor, you’ll be attracting a particular energy your home. Each color represents one of the elements associated with this ancient Chinese technique of Taoist origin, whose purpose is to pursue a sense of harmony in life. There are fire colors (red, orange, pink, purple and yellow), earth colors (brown and beige), metal colors (white and gray), water colors (blue and black) and wood colors (green).

Each color has its own property. Which one is best for you? Read on to find out.



white Colors-Spectro


According to Feng Shui, white represents positive energy, but rather than going for a total white look, we should be introducing some touches of color to balance that energy with yin, avoiding an excess of coldness.

Our white shower tray fits perfectly with this idea, combining with natural elements such as stone and wood, and stands out powerfully in

this environment, reminding us of the light and wildness of a paradise island full of reefs, lagoons and crystal-clear water.



Colors-Spectro model in beige


Neutral and warm colors such as sand and beige are ideal for creating environments that make us feel comfortable and relaxed.

Our model in beige feels very comfortable in this bathroom in the heart of nature. The green of the forest that we see through the window, the natural wood front and even the wall tiles that remind us of water traces. All this in white, beige and light green tones that highlight the natural beauty of our model.





gray of our Colors-Spectro


According to Feng Shui, gray represents knowledge, but also serenity and elegance, making us feel safe and secure.

This bathroom exudes a sense of security, with its huge window out onto a lush garden and a floor of a perfect microcement, complementing the gray of our  model and the different colors and textures that coexist next to it. Modern details, with a current design for a shower tray that is very resistant and durable over time.




Colors-Spectro coral

Living coral

This bathroom’s Living Coral tone communicates very positive vibes. This color has a relaxing effect, making us feel more optimistic.

Our main feature stands out in this feminine bathroom environment, between the beige color of the wall and a pearl gray floor that matches the drain grid. A romantic atmosphere in which our model feels very comfortable, surrounded by retro details and ornaments, such as the white mirror and a golden tap with white touches.




Colors-Spectro gray

Pearl gray

The key feature of this composition is our shower tray in pearl gray. Gray, as mentioned above, symbolizes security and elegance with a hint of classicism. In this composition we see our shower tray located comfortably in a bathroom with a vintage style that transports us to the past, to our grandmother’s house. To that dreamy place that makes us feel so comfortable.

Our pearl gray shower tray has been combined with whites, textures, faucets and rustic details that coexist beautifully, highlighting the elegance of our most classic bathroom.



Colors-Spectro black


Black contains all the colors of nature, which is why Feng Shui considers it a representation of wisdom. What’s more, it has the power to transform the negative energies that may exist in the space. The elegance and strong personality of our shower tray in black means this bathroom space doesn’t need many elements or ornaments to shade it. A modern bathroom cabinet in combination with wooden textures, which add to this atmosphere a touch of modernity and design, is hinted at in the distance.





Our color chart, reference colors

Our Step and Surface shower trays are designed to give the bathroom the colors our customers dream of.

Bosnor’s series offers 213 color options for your bathroom. Choose the shade that best suits the style and atmosphere of your bathroom from the RAL or Pantone chart. You can also choose among our six colors for the drain cover of your Bosnor shower tray.

color chart

In short: colors that are a wash of happiness and health.