Alberta, a Nordic atmosphere in the bathroom


When we talk about Nordic atmosphere in decoration, white and gray images come to mind, as well as a not-too-cozy feeling of cold. But it doesn’t have to be that way: warmth and a Nordic atmosphere are not necessarily incompatible.

The five keys of the Nordic or Scandinavian style are:

  1. Lots of light: large windows or other elements that let in daylight.
  2. Geometry: straight, simple lines.
  3. Color scale based on white, earth and gray, although obviously white is king in the Nordic decoration style in bathrooms.
  4. Open spaces, without separations, with little use for doors and screens.
  5. Minimum number of elements: shower trays instead of bathtubs, built-in cisterns and cupboards without knobs.

What do you think? Can you imagine it? We can: check out the space we’ve chosen for the Alberta shower tray.



Alberta is the main feature of this bathroom environment. A shower tray with a texture and almost real impression of wood worn in soft shades that adapts perfectly to this modern and luxurious bathroom style. A bathroom in gray and blue tones, colors that combine well with the wooden furniture.

Alberta, a Nordic atmosphere

The shower trays of the Alberta model belong to the Wood collection of the Print series; we’ve previously talked about other shower trays from this Sequoia collection, a veined model reminiscent of oak and Colorado, with very particular veining and textures. A collection focused around wood, its different shades and veins that add warmth to your bathroom.

Choose between Step or Surface, two versions of the same model:






Wood collection. Finishes and textures that will surprise you

The shower trays of this Wood collection are made of SolidSynthec®, a Solid Surface material, the soul of all our products. That, and the mechanical treatments applied to the surface, are the reasons why our shower trays are warm and resistant, increasing the feeling of rest and well-being. Our manufacturing technology gives our shower trays a superficial, soft and relaxing touch.

We highlight the finishes of all Print shower trays for their exquisite taste for details. Check them out up close and you’ll be able to appreciate those details in the edges and borders.


Alberta Nordic atmosphere

Our Alberta shower tray adds warmth to your bathroom.