Cajun – the boiserie trend returns to your shower tray


Decorating with wood or boiserie has traditionally meant warmth and comfort, a trend that reached its peak in France during the 17th and 18th centuries.

In the last few decades it had been replaced by alternative materials. But times are changing and we are beginning to see this chic trend, boiserie, on the rise again. But this time rather than seeing it in palaces and mansions, it’s sneaking into our homes, and in a much more minimalist version, too.

Our shower trays of the Wood collection follow this trend where wood is the key feature; with its different shades and veins that add warmth and comfort to your bathroom.



Our main feature Cajun, the boiserie trend, stands out in this feminine bathroom environment, between the 2019 Living Coral color of the wall and a pearl gray floor that matches the drain grid. A romantic atmosphere in which our model feels very comfortable; surrounded by retro details and ornaments, such as the white mirror and a golden tap with white touches.

Cajun the boiserie trend


The Wood collection

The Wood collection of the Print series, home of the Cajun shower trays, are reminiscent of walnut wood, but in the same collection we also find other models, like the Alberta or the Sequoia models, which remind us of poplar wood. All of them are available in two drain varieties:


Cajun the boiserie trend


Cajun the boiserie trend


Check them out closely because our Solid Surface is mass pigmented, it has no skin on the outside nor fibers on the inside and it’s not porous. Our shower trays are produced under vacuum, allowing a dense and durable material to be obtained; with a completely non-slip surface and a soft warmth of touch.


Cajun the boiserie trend

Cajun, the boiserie trend gets on board and ensure your bathroom is the best possible place to spend the winter.