Granite – marbled greys evoking a lunar landscape


Granite and marble are ever present as materials in interior design, and also in our collections. While the natural world offers different tones of granite, from white to black via pinks, greens… with our shower trays you can almost choose “your granite” à la carte. Marbled, wavy, sandy, shades of grey, sand finishes… it’s up to you!

Granite - marbled greys, space


When it comes to décor, less is more, which is what makes our Granite shower tray the star of this minimalist bathroom, amid beige tones. Just a few elements, to leave an uncluttered setting.

Aside from the touch of sheen provided by the taps, the rest of the interior is left shaded, surrounded by glass screens and sliding doors opening onto the outside world.

A minimalist interior, and a lush exterior.


Granite – marbled greys – Stone collection

The renewed Stone Collection, where de main feature is Stone in different tonalities, textures and hardness, includes the following shower trays models: Cement, Granite, Grungy, Rock, Stone and Tiles.

We have already shown you Cement and Rock via social media; Grungy was featured just recently, and keep an eye out for Stone and Tiles, which also have a surprise in store.

Drain cover available in the step version, as in this layout, and also in the surface version.

granite, step granite, surface


Bath trends 2021: Refreshing Creativity

This return with new models to refresh and modernise the Print range fits in with the new bathroom trends for 2021, while also offering you the chance to create the shower tray of your dreams, with a design tailored to your needs. Even if you have never seen it before, we can make it.

Granite - marbled greys, space

Granite – A modern setting, with the marbled greys of the shower tray evoking a lunar landscape


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Other references of interest that could help inspire you, the way they inspire us.

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