Bosnor announces its new catalog full of art to launch the Print Series

A few months ago we were talking about a new project which Bosnor was working on: the Print Series and its new collections Deco, Industrial, Nature, Stone, Wood, which you already know about from social media.

Now, after months of working side-by-side with the graphic design, technical and marketing teams, our long-awaited Print catalog finally sees the light, both in print and digital format. A catalog that will present, in great detail, our 25 models in bathroom spaces designed exclusively to inspire you, in addition to telling you fascinating stories, some of which you may have already read on our News blog.


Here you can see sample from the inside of the catalog: our Atacama and Reef models in their Step version:

Atacama Model (Nature Collection)

catalog full of art

Reef Model (Industrial Collection)

catalog full of art

Bosnor’s Print Series catalog’s cover is inspired by the works of Piet Mondrian, an artist linked to the Dutch neoplasticist group associated with De Stijl magazine. His conception that art should be represented through straight lines and pure color. As a symbol of the expression of cosmic order made him one of the great defenders of abstraction and one of the most admired and influential artists of the twentieth century. That’s why we say that this catalog is full of art.


According to the blog, art is “every form of creative expression that a human being can enjoy. It’s about expressing what a person feels through an infinite number of ways and techniques.”

In Bosnor we capture art in our shower trays with a unique and patented printing technology, to achieve never-before-seen luxury finishes. In addition, our quality allows us to offer a 10 year warranty on all our models.

Custom Art

catalog full of art

Inside this catalog we also highlight a section called Custom Art.

In addition to the 25 models of the Print Series, Bosnor offers you the possibility to create that dreamed-of, custom-designed shower tray for your customers.

Our congratulations to the great interior designers and architects; you can finally create that special bathroom, with custom shower trays that give free rein to your imagination and the bathroom its very own style and status. Just ask us for details!


A shower full of art, from your head all the way down to your feet.

If you wish to receive one of our Print Catalog full of art, still hot from the printing press, you can send us your request via, by phone on +34 93 818 88 26, or on our contact page.


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