The revolution in shower trays with unique and exclusive designs has arrived

Bosnor, S.L. has launched four lines of shower trays with unique and exclusive designs, that will cause a sensation in the world of interior design, decoration and bathroom renovations for its

The company’s R&D department has developed materials such as Solid Syntech®, a Solid Surface material composed of a high-performance polyester resin with a high-fineness and high-purity mineral charge called ATH (aluminium trihydroxide), enabling the production of resistant and durable shower trays and other bathrooms elements with unique designs and which adapt to any space.

The great innovative spirit of this brand, a pioneer in the industry with its Step and Surface colour without limits lines, and its shower trays in all the colours of the Ral chart, has been surpassed yet again with its new Print line.

shower trays with unique and exclusive designs

What makes these new lines stand out from all the other shower trays found on the market?

The difference is in the new Print system, a unique and personalised printing technique. The shower trays models Print Surface and Print Step are manufactured using a digital sublimation printing technique patented by Bosnor. A high mechanical resistance printing penetrates the tray material, ensuring a permanent print finish.

Print lines (Step and Surface) currently include 14 models with impressive finishes and textures and surprisingly accurate wood, marble, cement and rust imitations; regular monthly additions are also planned. Continuous innovations and trends in shower trays that you’ll fall in love with. Bosnor also offers the possibility of creating new textures and designs according to the needs of the customer. Sizes range from 70, 80 and 90 cm wide to 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170 and 180 cm long. Bosnor also offers two drainage options: central and lateral.

All Bosnor-branded shower trays come with an Aidima quality certification, which certifies that they meet all required quality standards in terms of safety, durability and mechanical resistance. In addition, Bosnor offers a 10-year warranty on all its shower tray models.

shower trays with unique and exclusive designs

If you are an interior designer or own a business related to this sector, incorporating this brand into your existing range of suppliers is a great idea – your projects will stand out by including a unique, exclusive product that can also be fully customised according to the needs of your customers. Luxury hotels and designer spaces and environments can be sensational when they include Bosnor shower trays.

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